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16 July 2012 @ 08:51 pm
07 September 2016 @ 10:24 pm

Title: Like a Falling Star [1/2]
Pairing: Kibum/Jonghyun,
Word Count: 11 794
Genre: Fluff, slight Humour, Slice of Life, idk lol, vampires!AU
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: alcohol consumptions, mentions of food, (pls let me know if there's more to list)
A/N: Dedicated to my dearest panky! Happy Belated Birthday once again, sweetheart! I'm sorry this isn't sunbum or onjongkey but it's the first thing I've written in three years so yay? XD ILU!! <333

"Jonghyun more feels than sees that someone is in the room with him."Collapse )

08 December 2015 @ 07:21 pm
I am posting this here for some consistency since my other fanaccounts are here too. Crossposting on tumblr and twitter, where I am actually active too :'))

  Okay, so this is my attempt at fanaccount of the madness that have been the past five days. Seeing SHINee live in Prague has been my biggest wish since forever and I still don’t entirely believe it has happened. Although it was only a small gig, three songs, no more, I still feel like the happiest person ever. SHINee, my favoruite group, has been in MY city. They even spent few days here and they seemed to have some nice time here, although they’ve also worked a bit.

  Anyway, as for the concert – me being me, the time leading up to it was really stressful for me. I already admitted I am the biggest trash because I can’t remember the last time I’ve tried this hard for anything. The concert was for free, all you had to do was send an email with your ID details to group organizing korean events here in Prague. While many people doubted because SHINee in Prague sounded just way too good to be true, I didn’t hesitate for a second when I saw the news because I thought that with SHINee, you just cannot hesitate to succeed. I was also really really lucky because on the crucial day when we were getting emails with links to reserving seats, I didn’t have to go to work so I literally sat at my comp all day, refreshing email so I could register asap. Like this, I was able to get seat in the first row, pretty much right in front of Jonghyun...

  Due to the lack of information and some mishaps in organization (but hey! It was the first kpop concert in Prague ever so I don’t want to complain and also, it was to be expect since it was the first time. And besides, embassies from four countries worked together on making this happen so of course there was bound to be some difficult communication...also from the side of SHINee’s managers, to be fair), it was really stressful two weeks during which we‘ve managed to prepare some fan projects for our boys but other than that my life has practially stopped.
On Thursday we waited for them at the airport in group of about ten to twenty people. Sadly, after the whole ordeal with missing their flight from MAMA and all, SHINee themselves left the airport through VIP exit and all we managed to do was to give our presents to one guy from the staff. He promised he will give them to the managers, so we can only hope the boys got them.

151204 The Concert

  On Friday when we got to the venue, I still didn’t know how far... or close exactly I would be sitting and I must say that seeing the venue for the first time was the best surprise... it was big just enough and the seats were actually really close to the stage and overall it was kinda intimate atmosphere... at least in the first rows huhuhu. I was sitting in Sector 2’s first row which contained only two seats plus a seat for security guy lmfao. I was lucky enough to sit next to a super nice girl who even switched places with me so I could be even closer to the stage. (Thank you so much, bb, if you ever read this! TOT/) .

  To be honest, the whole time before SHINee appeared on stage I was thinking that I am not ready, that I could never be ready. And then, way too soon but not soon enough... they’ve appeared. They started with Lucifer and (unsuprisingly) they slayed me from the first tone to the last. I was so happy that they were singing live (over back track but still! I didn’t expect that :‘)) and they sounded wonderful. Also, it was just as if I was sitting right there on the stage with them, I could see them SO clearly (unlike yesterday at the airport T.T). I wasn’t looking anywhere behind me because I didn’t want to miss anything but I think I must have been one of the few people having lightstick, definitely there in the front. So as soon as SHINee came on stage, Minho noticed it and smiled at me and even half winked at me. He seemed really suprised to see the ligtstick and also very pleased. Since then, it only went downhill because everytime any one of them was in front of me, they kept staring at me and my lightstick... needless to say I died many times during that short time. Especially when it was Jonghyun’s turns, which it was very often since I was sitting more on the left side where he usually dances T.T Btw. as for the dances, I must say I didn’t manage to see enough lol because I just couldn’t look away from their faces ;~; Especially Minho’s smiley one....they all looked a little nervous at first but before the first two songs (Lucifer and Beautiful) ended, they visibly relaxed. They seemed really happy because the fans were singing along even to Beautiful which they maybe didn’t expect and overall I think they must have felt just how happy we all were to see them. They saw with their own eyes that there are many many eager fans in Europe who love them just as dearly as any other fans in the world. It was dream come true for so many people!  SHINee kept smiling and did all these little dorky things in the choregraphy they don’t normally do or that i would notmally fail to notice if i wasn’t in the front  but still, the performance rocked so much and the singing was so amazing. I am, of course, little sad that Onew couldn’t make it but ot4 really did their best to cover up for their leader.

  Between the first two songs they had short introduction segment where Taem took us by surprise because he greeted us in Czech, saying „Dobrý den“ in such a cute voice hehe. After him the rest introduced themselves and then at some point Jonghyun told Key to tell us what he’s learned in Czech and like this we got some more Czech phrases from Key, with perfect accent and all. He said „jak se máš“ (how are you), „prosím, zaplatím“ (bill, please lolol) but him saying „miluju tě“ (i love you) was my absolute favourite. At the end f the talk segment they introduced Beautiful as a song that is maybe not so famous and Taem said something along the lines that it’s okay if we just enjoy it/just watch it and he wondered whether we would be able to sing along. And sing along we did. I already mentioned, how freaking surprised and happy they seemed when we actually joined them for singing and I just have this wonderful feeling that we, as fans didn’t fail them.

  After the performances of other artists, way too soon, came the last song. SHINee were closing the event with View and here let me tell you that View is my favoruite song and I am so so so happy I had the chance to see it live. I seriously cannot tell how wonderful it was, seeing them perform it from such a close distance with all the eye-contacts. I really don’t know how I’ve survived it. Also, I think I don’t even have to explain you why I didn’t take any pics or proper fancam. Besides sitting next to a security guy, I also didn’t want to miss a single nano-second by dealing with phone or anything. I was just staring at my favourite group doing their best on stage and I was barely breathing. They are so unspeakably beauitful. Jonghyun is an amazing ball of energy on stage, I honestly don’t even know where it comes from. Also, Kibum is so charismatic, I remember this from the SMTown in Paris in 2011 and he got even better over the time. He’s so striking in person!
Anyway, after View, SHINee remained on stage while all the other artists gathered and then the SK president had her speech. It was really long and I finally calmed down enough to take at least some fancam... sneakily though because of the security guy next to me. I also kept my lightstick on and kept playing with it because the speech was actually quite boring and idek I just tried to get some more eye-contact form SHINee...which wasn’t all that hard, considered they were standing right in front of me and kept stealing glances around everyone gathered in the front. They looked kind of bored and awkward during the speech but tbh so did everyone else because of the length of the speech and the fact that we all stood up for it and never sat down again. At one particular moment, I just waved the lightstick lightly and to my horror Jjong looked at me and kept staring at me for a good ten seconds or more, idek it felt like minutes. He actually smiled/smirked a little but in such a funny way...I think he must have been really bored during the speech x“D also, it is the only moment of the speech that I don’t have recorded lol but well, whatever. Someone else actually captured it HERE X"D

  After the concert has ended, I had to meet one of my friends inside the venue for one really pressing matter which is why I’ve missed SHINee’s departure from the venue but if things with this friend will work out, I won’t be that sad over it. I could not be sad over it anyway when I’ve managed to see them once more later that day...

My only fancam orz....

151204 The Old Town Square

  After the concert we went for a quick lunch with friends but to be very honest, me and my bff just knew we both wanted to be totally somewhere else. „Try our luck“ was our motto. So we excused ourselves and went to the city together because the city center of Prague is so small and the most famous things are so close to each other that it really takes only a bit of luck to meet them... or hella lot of luck... depends on how you look at it J We went to Old Town square because it seemed like THE place they could go to us. We’ve spent there about an hour going back and forth with not much luck. We were really cold and tired so we got some mulled wine and decided to go for Charles Bridge. We walked it there and back again once and, accepting our fate that we weren’t lucky after all, we agreed that we will slowly walk to our homes. At one point we were standing on a crossroad and we were deciding whether we go back to Old Town square one way or another and fate had it just so we chose the right way. On the way back to the Old Town square my phone rang and it was thte friend that delayed me at the venue... it was a very important phonecall that made me even more excited about the whole day so you can imagine how my jaws literally dropped the moment I finished the phonecall when we arrived to the square to see....the ever so cute mr. Choi Minho stand there right in front of us! I didn’t believe my eyes, my friend tugged at my sleeve or nudged me or something but my brain really wasn’t catching up with the reality. Choi Minho alive and kicking...or well, you know, alive and admiring the view of the Clock Tower (or wth is the name in English x“DDD). He was passing by us and we were so shocked... idk how about Martina but I didn’t want him to leave without noticing us so I called „Minho-yah“... well, it was kind of slip of a tongue tbh... I wanted to call something else but whatever, he noticed us! He smiled at us and bowed to us and said „Thank you“ and „Sorry“ first in Korean and then in English and proceeded to walk towars the tower.

  At first I thought it’s just Minho alone but then we looked around and saw the rest of them. They were there on a commented tour with a Czech guide speaking Korean and besides the fact that for the whole stay SHINee had pretty strict „no photo and no signature“ rule, they were listening to the tour guide and didn’t want to be interrupted. So Martina just went to ask the manager about the possibility of picture toether but after he said no we took few steps back and only watched them for a while from afar. We really didn’t want to bother them and even though Minho and Key looked kind of regretful towards us, Jonghyun seemed really focused on the guide, this cutie. He looked so small and at one point when we and the other fans approached them, he disappeared from my sight so well that I thought that he actually left. In the end he popped up right behind Key. Like can you imaine how small he is to get completely hidden behind Key?? Taeminnie looked little lost the entire time, like he was standing right next to the boys but he just... looked lost. Bab. ;;

  Besides us, there were few other fans present but they also just stood there, with CDs, maybe hoping they would get signatures but the boys had pretty strick no signatures and no pitures rule. I don’t know how about them but when SHINee (with the guide, manager and staff) started heading away from the square, Martina and me went the opposite direction, just really happy that we at least met them. It also made me really happy that they actually took the time and went on a commented tour :‘)

  Now, what makes me even happier is that they stayed for so long. There is many fanaccounts and even some pics from Saturday and although they were apparently working on Saturday, they still got to see Prague Castle and more. On Sunday and Monday, there were no sighting afaik, although it seemed that Key kinda played a „catch me if you can“ game with us on his instagram.

  By the way, I don’t want to rant in my precious fanaccount of precious time but let me just say this: IT WAS EXTREMELY OBVIOUS THAT SHINEE WOULD GO TO THE PRAGUE CASTLE on Saturday since they were on Old Town square on Friday and those are the two main things to see when you are in Prague. So everyone who’s met them there was lucky only in terms of the timing. I don’t think any stalking happened and also all the fans I’ve met or the fanaccounts that I’ve read described rather well-mannered people. No screaming or yelling at them (only at the venue but like, who wouldn’t cheer for their idol as loud as possible???) and NO sasaeng situations happened in Prague. I know lot of poeple side-eye other fans taking pics of idols in their free time or even worse, during their work time but seriously, for 99% people who’s met them in Prague it was a once in a life time opportunity since let’s be real, we are not rich enough to fly to Korea so how could we possibly see them any time soon, so who can blame fans for taking a pic?? I’m sorry, I just wanted to put it out here. Fans were polite.

Moving on...

151207 Airport

  As Martina said in her fanaccount, we tried our luck on the airport on both days during the weekend without any success, obviously. But on Monday I got kind of an confirmation that yes, SHINee is actually still in Prague and yes, they should be leaving today (Monday) because Jonghyun has a schedule very soon. So... we tried it for the third time like the desperate Shawols that we are.

  We sat next to the entrance to all gates where everyone had to pass if they wanted to get into the duty-free zone and it was pretty certain that unless they took the vip entrance again, they HAD to pass by us. Actually I didn’t have much hope after the previous two days, I thought they’d really go through vip or i don’t know.

  Since we were sitting on such an obvious places, we were also very nervous, thinking „What do we do if they really come? What do we do if they don’t?“. Besides, I had the horrible idea to wear glasses that day instead of contacts and I really can’t see shit in them. Despite that, after about some horrible long time of waiting, when we were really losing our hope because it seemed like most of the passengers already went through the gate, a group of girls appeared. They were in that kind „stylish“ outfits that made us think „STAFF“. Minute later, even with my shitty eyesight I saw a tall figure in the distance and I JUST KNEW it was the manager. And behind him.... mr. Choi Minho followed by Jonghyunnie ;;;;; I had really hard time noticing Tae and Key at such a big distance that was between us since they were at the very opposite end of the whole check-in area. From this distance we watched the as the manager-hyung got rid of all their suitcases while the boys went to get a coffee into Starbucks and bought something at the newspaper shop. It was so unreal, being able to see them just casually walk here and there ;;;;; At one point though they all went off to somewhere and Kibum stood there alone with just some staff guy and we considered shortly whether we should walk up to him or not but in the end we were too scared because the manager... or worse, the rest of them... might have been back any second x“DDDD

  Not long after that the rest of SHINee actually really came back and the whole group went straight towards us, towards the gate. At that moment, I think, my jaws totally dropped and I totally froze. Jonghyun and Key went first and when they got close enough, we stood up and Martina called out „SHINee“ at them so they looked our direction and Martina held up a little sign saying잘가요 (have a safe trip, or literally “go well”). When Jonghyun and Key saw it, they looked really surprised and they both smiled at us (although I must admit I was probably too scared to look at Jjong, so Martina had to confirm it for me that he indeed had this really sweet smile of his when he saw us) and bowed to us to which I bowed a little too (habit from work, I guess x”D). It was such a short moment but I am really happy they saw at least us because how sad would it be to leave a country with no-one to see them off?? ;;; Although I guess it must have been nice feeling of change for them…

  Anyway, Taeminnie and Minho went a little behind them, when JongKey were already at the gates. They had Starbucks cups and Minho was doing something on his phone. When they approached us, the thing I feared the most became real, because I was standing really close to trash cans they started heading even closer to us than JongKey because Taeminnie wanted to throw his cup away. The bins appeared to be too confusing with their recycling sections and Minho had to help him figure out where the cup should go x”D It was so cute…that was probably the moment when we should have called out to them again but to be honest we didn’t want to look even creepier than we already felt so we just watched them leave. Like this, we saw SHINee leave Prague and I am really really happy for all the cute and precious moments with them.  All of this was my dreams coming true, dreams that I thought would remain dreams. I am really too happy for words (hahaha says me at the end of this 3k words fanaccount) so I’ll leave it here.

SHINee is the amazingest group I will ever know and I love them to the moon and back.
20 October 2013 @ 09:27 pm

"The one time Kibum was bored."
SHINee tumblr drabbles [1/14]

Jongkey, Jongyu, Onkey; NC-17; as requested by sunrisebloom​.

“Are you sure this is okay?” Jinki asks, his eyes trained on the smaller man sprawled in front of him. The sight is glorious, something he would pay a fortune for if he wasn’t so lucky and didn’t have friend who provided it for him free of charge.

“Go on,” Kibum says and from the way his voice is lower than usual Jinki can tell he likes the view too.

For a moment, Jinki forces himself to look from the beuaty in front of him at his equally gorgeous friend who’s sitting at the edge of the bed, stroking his dick lazily, taking in the whole image—his boyfriend about to get fucked by his best friend—as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Jinki then takes a deep breath and looks back at Jonghyun who’s been silent for a while now, expecting and knowing he can never be ready for what Jinki has in store for him. He whimpers when Jinki enters him and grips at the man’s arms, trying to breath through the sensation of being spread so much wider than usual. Stream of curses leaves his mouth along with breathy moan and more curses aimed Kibum’s way when he hears his boyfriend chuckle at his distress. It’s his fault anyway. ‘Let’s try something new’ he said, ‘it’ll feel good’, he said. Only Kibum forgot to mention it contains him getting fucked by this Lee ‘I’ll-make-you-limp-in-the-morning’ Jinki.

“Wow, fuck,” Jinki remarks and Kibum agrees. He knows very well what Jinki means. But to actually see it, to see Jonghyun take it from someone else, to see his face twist and his jaw clench and to hear him moan for someone else... well, that’s new and it makes Kibum shudder and damn how he wants to be in Jinki’s place right now but the same time he doesn’t really, because the view... the view is to die for.

“Fuck,” he groans, mesmerized by the way the bodies in front of him writhe together, the muscles on Jonghyun’s toned stomach working as he tries to relax around Jinki. Kibum leans down and kisses him deeply, until they’re both light-headed and Jonghyun forgets about the pain.

“This is so fucking hot,” he purrs into his ear but Jonghyun’s only reply is a high-pitched moan as Jinki picks up the pace. And if everything seemed fluid and slow until now, it’s not anymore. It’s a mess of hot breaths and kisses, and Jinki is relentless in his quest to make the smaller man cry out loud which leaves Jonghyun with no other option but to give way to the man on top. He lets Jinki do as he pleases because what else is there to do when his brain turns into mush until there is no clear thought in his mind, everything a blur of pleasure and pain and if that’s not enough to make him come, Kibum’s fingers wrapping around him are.

The sound he lets out as he comes all over his stomach has Jinki nearly over the edge too but then a movement next to him catches his attention and he pulls out of Jonghyun a little too fast, making him whine at the sudden feeling of emptiness. He watches as Jinki pulls Kibum to his knees and presses him against his chest, whispering something into his ear. Kibum sighs deeply and chuckles, apparently pleased with whatever Jinki had said to him.
He lowers himself between Jonghyun’s legs, crashing their mouths together in a kiss. He gives the smaller man only a little time to get used to the feeling of being re-entered before he starts to move, slipping in easily after Jinki’s round with him. He kisses Jonghyun again and he might even feel a little apologetic for what he’s put him through... if it wasn’t the sexiest thing he’s ever seen. But then he moans into the kiss and has to halt his movement because Jinki is big and he needs to wait before he dares to move again but Jinki doesn’t wait, Jinki can’t wait, and suddenly it’s all too much and with the feeling of Jinki filling him to the brim he comes fast and hard inside Jonghyun, his moans swallowed by the man beneath him and he knows he’s probably about to crush him as his hands, the only support he’s had, give up on him and he falls in slump on top of him, Jinki’s warm body still pressed against his back, adding to the weight.

“Tell me that wasn’t the best fuck you’ve ever had,” Kibum says later, as they lie in the bathtub together, wine and candles and bubbles and all.  Okay, maybe he feels a little sorry but the fun was so worth it.
“We’re not doing that again, Kibum,” Jonghyun says resolutely, shuddering at the way Kibum bites his neck which is one hell of a dirty trick because Kibum knows very well just how much he likes it.
“We could tie you up a little, that’d be so hot, tell me you wouldn’t like it—“
“But Jinki—“

“Are you sure this is okay, Kibum?” Jinki asks as Kibum finishes the knot around Jonghyun’s wrists now so tightly bound to the headboard. Jonghyun doesn’t say a word but his face is a little tense, his jaws clenched... and his eyes big and round and Jinki briefly wonders what Kibum did to make him agree to something like this again. But who is he to complain when he gets to tap such a cute piece of ass.
“It’s fine, right, Jjongie,” Kibum smiles sweetly and kisses Jonghyun on the forehead. “Don’t I have the best boyfriend in the world?”


"The one time they had to part their ways."
PG-13, as requested by jongho-pe. (based on this song)

The snow outside falls to the ground soundlessly. The land is frozen and asleep. Only two souls are awake in that cold night, keeping each other warm, their bodies pressed so close together no coldness can reach between them.

Even in the most heated moment they are silent, so silent, although there’s no-one to hear them at this hour. But that is the way they are used to it, forever hiding from any unwanted eyes and ears, stealing glances and grazes when they thought no-one could see them.

“Please, stay,” Minho whispers to the silence, his breath warm on Jonghyun’s bare skin, yet it makes the smaller man shiver.

“I can’t stay,” Jonghyun whispers back but the way he grips on Minho’s arms–cold fingers digging into the prince’s flesh, leaving marks—is telling tales about how he doesn’t want to go anywhere at all. Ever since the beginning, his body has always been more honest than him himself but it is alright. Over the years, Minho has learned to understand the language Jonghyun’s body spoke just fine. He knows what the other means to say with the way he leans into every touch of his, and with the way his lips part so slightly, breathing Minho’s name lowly as their last night together is silent, stolen secretly just for themselves in the middle of duties and obligations. A king’s son and a king’s man. They were never meant to be. Yet they mean the world to each other.

“Come to the battle with me,” Jonghyun says later as they lie together, counting moments till another daybreak without any sun in sight. “Come with me. It might gain us few more weeks together. Months if we are lucky.” His voice trembles, he’s terrified. Not because he’s scared of death. He’s been trained immune to that. He’s terrified to hear the response because he knows very well his wish can’t be granted. But despite knowing it all, his heart aches when Minho shakes his head with that sad sad smile plastered on his lips.

“You knew this days would come, Jonghyunah. There’s nowhere to run for me.”

“Giving in without a fight, that’s not like you.”

“Neither is you running away when things get complicated. Please, don’t go. Sacrificing yourself for the kingdom won’t save us.”

“Neither will your marriage,” Jonghyun retorts and once again his body is giving him away, is more honest than he could ever be with words as the tears trickle down his face soundlessly.


"The one time they stole his bike."

PG, as requested by dinopuppysaur.

A telephone rings.

Jinki groans because it’s not the right time—because when is it ever, really? Jinki’s not too fond of phonecalls, you could say—but it’s Jonghyun’s name flashing accross the screen and so he picks up.

“Hyung,” the younger man nearly shouts instead of a greeting and it makes Jinki wince because making Jonghyun upset is the last thing he wanted.

“What is it, Jjong—“ he starts, trying to sound patient but Jonghyun’s voice interrupts him.

“Hyung, where are you? I just walked the whole way from the studio,” he says and Jinki kind of wishes he could face palm against the wall or something. He looks out of the window where it’s already dark and raining and swears internally.

“But why? Why didn’t you go with the others?”

“I wanted to go by bike but guess what?” Jonghyun says and there’s edge to his voice and a rasp caused by exhaustion after a long day, a state that Jinki knows far too well himself.

“W-what?” Jinki asks cautiously, imagining Jonghyun to enter the elevator and slouching against the mirror wall before it lifts him up to their floor. He’s probably drenched, too.

“Someone stole it!” Jonghyun says and sounds aggravated like he probably is. Well, this one didn’t go well, Lee Jinki, the leader of SHINee thinks dejectedly and bites on his lip as he hears the ring of the elevator annouce that Jonghyun reached his destination on their floor.

“Um, well, you know, Jonghyun, the thing is—“ Jinki tries and plays for the time that he doesn’t have.

The door click and open with a thud and before Jinki can say anything else, Jonghyun is stading there, water dripping from the front of his bangs, mouth gaping in sudden realization and silent anger, moments before he bursts out. Jinki manages to notice his lips have the slightest tint of purple… well, it is cold outside, and he feels absolutely terrible because this one certainly didn’t go well.

“L-let me explain, Jonghyun,” he starts and and makes a step towards the singer.

“Yeah. Please do, hyung,” Jonghyun grits out, dodging Jinki’s hand on his shoulder, and walks towards his bike that is standing in the middle of the living room, wheels in the air, the chain loose.

“You know, I noticed the chain was off so I wanted to repair it,” Jinki says truthfully but Jonghyun just scoffs. “I wanted to let you know but you were so busy with the recording I didn’t want to disturb you… and I thought I could do it before you finished,” Jinki shrugs guiltily and scratches the back of his head.

Jonghyun doesn’t say anything. He just pokes the loose chain with his index finger and watches how it sways in the air. The oil smears on his skin and he wipes it off on his pants before he looks at Jinki, his eyes large and accusing.

“Listen, Jonghyun, I’m really sorry. I didn’t think you’d walk all the way home in this weather—“

“And what should I do if someone steals my bike?!” Jonghyun asks exasperatedly.

“Well, I thouhgt you’d go by car with manager hyung and everyone else. You know, riding a bike in this weather would’ve been too dangerous anyway—“

“So you stole it from me so I’d have to walk?!”

“No, I stole it to repair it!” Jinki says and rises his voice too. Sometimes it’s just hard to stay calm with Kim Jonghyun and this was one of the occasions. “Riding with your chain off is dangerous, too, you know. Just because Kibum taught you how to ride it doesn’t mean you can go around risking your neck—“

“I don’t risk my neck, geez. I’m not a toddler, you know!”

“No, I don’t,” Jinki retorts before he can think twice and continues. “Sometimes you surely act like one. Do you think I haven’t seen you the other day on the road? You were lucky the car was going so slowly!”

Jonghyun looks at him and then laughs.

“I see! You’re mad that I don’t go home with you anymore. Is that it, hyung? You don’t care about the cars or me riding in the rain. You’re just mad because—“

“I’m mad because we have so little time together as it is. And you just take that time and steal from it just so you can fool around on the bike and show off in front of the fans—“ Jinki blurts out and bites his lip before he can continue and say anything he would regret later.

Jonghyun looks at him and grins, and Jinki has to look away because he feels like his dignity couldn’t take any more blows that night. Not only he couldn’t repair the chain. He was also accused of stealing the bike and now this

He more feels than sees the smaller man walk up to him, invading his personal space like so many times before. Only this time it’s different. This time, cold hand sneaks to lace its fingers with his and Jonghyun brings it up to his lips, the movement small and slow and to Jinki it seems he’s taking whole eternity on purpose and he hates Jonghyun for it. His breath hitches when Jonghyun’s cold lips finally meet with his skin and he has to look away because the sensations are too much.

“You know, if you wanted to be with me more often, you could have just told me, hyung,” Jonghyun says and waits for Jinki to look him in the eyes.

Jinki can’t hold back the scoff. “But do you ever listen to me?” he says and tightens his grip on Jonghyun’s hand.

“Everytime,” Jonghyun says and lets the older man embrace him, finally feeling warmth seep through him.

A/N: Thank you all for the requests!! <333

07 August 2013 @ 10:22 pm
Title: Swan Song [1/2]
Pairing: 2min, WooKey, ?Hyun, ?Hyun, (?Hyun) ...idek, it's up to you to find out?
Word Count: 12 816
Genre: Angst
Rating: R
A/N: Swan Song quite literally. I'm not really saying it's hiatus because I've been MIA for so long that I don't even have anything to take a break from. It's also not a good bye because everyone knows I love writing too much and I'll try to go back to it whenever I can. But there's too many too important things in life for me to focus on. The year so far has been pretty crazy and I feel like I mess things up as I go but there's also many things to be grateful for and to enjoy. So not a hiatus, not a good bye. But something close enough to it? I'm still ((way too)) active on twitter and tumblr tho, so if anyone wants to keep in touch I'll be happy :')

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22 March 2013 @ 05:32 pm
~Asian fandoms LJ Spring Friending Meme~
Asian fandoms LJ Spring Friending Meme

If you love the anything Asian come on over and make new friends!
29 October 2012 @ 03:17 pm
Title: One Lifetime With You
Pairing: KeyHyun, ninja!JooNew and some broken ships I'm lazy to list
Word count: 6010

Genre: romace, angst
Rating: R
A/N: My take on angels/demons!AU. Loosely inspired by this glorious thing and talks with hitsujiga eonnie so you can thank her, and also to deepgashes eonnie because tbh her praise does some things to my ego. I'm sorry it doesn't do much justice to the genre nor to the pics, though I hope it's not too much of a let down. It's just been too long and life's intense lately. Don't kill me? Missed you guys. 

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31 July 2012 @ 04:22 pm
Title: Free Fallin'
Pairings: JongYu
Word count: 5969

Genre: slice of life, angst
Rating: R
Warnings: age difference, suicide issues, mentions of rape :/
A/N: Ideas are like a splinters. Once you get them, you need to get them out or else they'll inflame. xD And this is one hell of an old splinter guys and it's not fair that it came to me just when I should be busy with nothing but school. It was initially an idea I got about a year ago but back then it didn't want to do what I wanted so I let it be. Now it came back and I had 90% of it written in one go without even thinking cuz I just saw the entire story from first moment to the last which doesn't happen often to me, that was only with "Colourless" and "You Came Crashing In..." Anyway, the very original idea was inspired by my favourite Asian lgbt movie but somehow I got so far from it that it's not even there anymore besides certain tiny things that I won't tell you but if you saw the movie, you'd know... maybe xD

Just to be clear, Jinki is ten years older than Jonghyun.

Banner by irethsingollo <3

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